CX Audit

Measure: What:
We initiate NPS or CES measurement to quickly get to know the statue of present CX.
This exercise gives first-hand view of the CX enterprise is presently offering.

We ask select group of customers about their experience with the enterprise & measure them on certain parameters.

Observe: What:
Here we undertake in-depth exercise of the various customer facing elements. This exercise gives us in depth status of WHY of WHAT present customer experience, this gives us various pointers to redefine CX & commence CX movement within the enterprise.

  • Observe customer in action
  • Review of customer complaints
  • Review of feedback forms
  • Review of policies and processes
  • Review of marketing & ad materials
  • Expectation gap analysis

Interviews: What:
After we measure and observe we also talk with various stake holders responsible for creating and experiencing an experience. This in-depth interviews offers us valuable actionable insight.

  • Interview Customers
  • Interview Front facing Staff
  • Interview Backend Staff
  • Interview Senior Management
  • Interview Lost Customers
  • Interview Suppliers

Customer Journey Mapping
We step in to the shoe of the customer and walk the journey of the customer. This gives us exact experience what the customers are experiencing. This is powerful tool to find out experience failure, experience high and lows.

We walk the customer journey of select services on different occasions. Based on the actual journey experience we map the journey and add rational and emotional experience, we add need, ease and delight factors of the experience. Final journey maps tell various aspects of experience, business processes, systems, people training and company culture. It is an XRay of how organisation behaves internally & deals with customers externally.

Define & Design

CX Statement
Defining CX is the first step to improve the customer experience. Customer experience statement clearly spelt out will become guiding force for people to know what is expected from them while dealing with customers. This also help customers in knowing what to expect from the company.

This is co-creation exercise. We involve various stake holders from the management and brainstorm to define CX statement. Idea generation and deciding on CX will make enterprise ready for the next step.

Insight Research
Qualitative research of how customer behaves with the enterprise and lessons to be learn which offers scope of better service design and resultant better CX.

We observe customers at various touch points, observe their behaviours, their ease and discomforts, we interview them in-depth to now expectations. This insight research is not about many interviews but few interviews but in greater detail. Insight research report gives in depth insight about customer expectations , behaviours & experience.

CX Co-Creation - idea Generation
To rejuvenate CX, we involve and engage with various stake holders through in-depth workshops.

Internal workshops generate CX ideas for various touch points , in various situation , for various processes - involving senior management, junior management, staff & customers.Various brainstorming sessions are conducted to generate more and more CX ideas. Finally some of the best ideas are accepted and decided to be included in redefined CX.

CX Blue Print:
Preparing final CX blue Prints for various services and touch points.


Ideas generated and freezed during CX Co-Creation stage are used to redefine CX.Each stage/channel blue prints are made , get signing off from various stake holders and new CX plans are ready to be implemented.


CX Policy

Customer Experience Policy Charter is an important document and guide of every employees and customers dealing with the enterprise. This document is a compilation of CX at various touch points, in various situation, escalation matrix and management views. CX Policy Charter book based on CX statement defined during the previous stage. This can be compared with citizen charter.

We work with various stake holders influencing CX and define CX at touch points and in various situations. Compilation of CX Charter Policy is important guide for everyone in the enterprise.

Process , Training & Governance
Various changes in business processes are carried out and people are trained to behave in new CX awakened culture. Team in charge of CX is selected headed by CX Champion.

CX Champion is appointed. Changes expected from various process owners are communicated to them, changes are implemented with the support of various stakeholders - CX Champion.

New defined CX is implemented on select parameters, touch points.

Rollout select services, part of specific services in new Avatar. Learn from limited roll out , fix gaps and fine tune..

Rolling out full-fledged services with new CX defined criteria.

Make necessary changes wherever necessary. Implement full-fledged changes in services and touch points.

Service Design

Like product design, every service has to be designed in order to create desired impact and outcome. This is about designing completely new service.

We undertake 5 step measures to design a new service.
These are ;
1. Insight Research
2. Brainstorm
3. Service Blue Print
4. Prototype
5. RollOut