Interaction of customer & company at every touch points creates customer experience (CX). CX is created inside the customer at rational and emotional level.

By design or by default, it always & every time happen and get registered in the mind and heart of the customer. This CX creates brand value – brand recall value is nothing but CX created during previous interaction.

Customer Experience is usually defined and measured on three parameters; need fulfilment, ease during the fulfilment, delight during the fulfilment.

What happens to the customer during every interaction with the company, emotionally and rationally is defined as CX.

Very good advertisement can stimulate the customers’ behaviour in favour of the company but pathetic on ground experience distance them from the company.

Very good product can attract customers but pathetic customer care distance them.

Very good service attracts customers but difficulty in availing the service distances them.

Very good services and ease of availing attracts customers but competitor adding delight sweetener can distances them from your brand.