Well, why not?

Customer is the core of every business. Every enterprise for and not for profit are in existence to serve customers or target groups i.e. beneficiary in case of Not for Profit enterprises.

Over the period of time when organisation grows systems, processes, polices takes over and customers are at the mercy of all these.

In today’s time when competition is severely cut throat and acquiring new customers is so difficult and a long process, that focus on retaining customers, enabling word of mouth (WOM) publicity is critical for every business.

Retention and WOM will only happen if customers are offered scintillating experience during every touch points every time.

Therefore if your business is facing any of the following issues, CX focus is necessary for not only for growth but also for long term survival;

  • Customer retention is a challenge
  • Negligible WOM publicity
  • Cross sales to existing customer is a challenge
  • Acquiring higher pocket share is a challenge
  • Higher marketing cost
  • Long sales conversion cycles
  • Offering discount / long credit is a on the increase
  • Customer Complaints , Inbound Calls are on the rise
  • Employees are not motivated enough